Tips to Surviving the First Trimester

419Ss7fbzpLWhen you first hear that you are expecting a little bundle, you are excited and perhaps filled with wonder over the way your body feels more alive. Then, you will start to develop some very common, unbelievably horrible symptoms of pregnancy. This may include feeling bloated, having morning sickness, achy breasts, and a multitude of other un-pleasantries. Don’t let this stuff get you down. It is a temporary thing that most women must go through when expecting. Here are a few tips to surviving the first trimester.

Relieve the Morning Sickness

You may be wondering what triggers your morning sickness to kick in at the worst possible moments. Perhaps it is because you move too quickly or because your nose catches the scent of something that now makes your tummy do flip-flops, either way, you may find yourself praying over a porcelain toilet soon if you do not know how to make it stop.

Scent can trigger morning sickness. Research has shown that sometimes the best way to make it end is to find a better scent. If the lady next to you in the elevator seems to have nauseating perfume on, have something easily within reach to erase her scent. A small bottle of lemon extract that you carry along or even a piece of sage may help.


Keep crackers on hand for those movement spikes in nausea. This may help you during the night or early morning when you first go from laying down to sitting up. Pretzels and peanut butter can help also, if you would prefer them. You may also benefit from eating smaller portions of your favorite foods throughout the day rather than try to eat a large meal, three times daily.

However, because eventually you will still most likely spend time bending over the toilet, carry a travel sized tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush along with you. You may also want to carry wet wipes or other things to help you deal with what happens after you throw up.

Oh, the Aching Breasts

For this, you can take a warm bath or shower, you can give your breasts a massage, or as a last hope, opt for Tylenol if approved of by your doctor. Breast tenderness is often caused by your breasts beginning to develop milk glands which will eventually produce the milk that feeds your little one. It is a natural uncomfortableness that there is no true way to eliminate. Just keep in mind, you will want to wear a good bra that will comfort you throughout the day. This is possibly the best thing you can do for your breasts when pregnant, as if you didn’t already try to do it before you became pregnant.

Relieve that Bloated Feeling

Bloating is a normal part of early pregnancy that may continue throughout your pregnancy if you are not careful. To relieve some of it, do the same things that you would do when not pregnant to try and relieve constipation. Drink plenty of water, eat smaller portions of food, and eat more vegetables for the fiber content in them. You may also start to wear clothes that fit a little looser to keep the bloated feeling from being as uncomfortable.

Any of these tips should help you. If they do not, you should talk to your doctor about other possible ways to relieve your symptoms. Just rest assured, this part of pregnancy will be behind you very soon and then you will find yourself once again delighted with the fact that you are pregnant.