Birth Control After Delivery

It is never too early to start thinking about the birth control that you plan to use after you deliver your baby. However, in most cases, it will be recommended that unless you are planning to have your tubes tied, you wait until at least six weeks after delivery before you use anything more than abstinence or condoms. This will give your hormones a chance to level out a little bit and time for your body to heal up afterward. Deciding what type of birth control you want is slightly harder than figuring out when. You should discuss your options with your partner before you decide on which birth control after delivery that you want to use.

Tubal Litigation

This form of birth control is one that will most likely be done before you leave the hospital. It is otherwise known as, “Having your tubes tied.” It is a permanent form of birth control and signifies the end of your chances to conceive. Often it is recommended that you be absolutely sure that you do not want to have another child at any time during the future. It could be due to the fact that you already have children and do not want more or it could be done because you have a medical concern that proves you should not get pregnant again in the future.


These devices are placed inside the cervix and make it pretty much a bad area for an egg to become fertilized. It will not attach at all. This form of birth control is usually an option if you know that you do not want to have another child for up to five years and in some cases up to 10 years. It will most likely be put in during your six week post-partum checkup. It can be removed if it starts to cause you problems or if you decide that it is time to start trying for a baby again. Many women like this because there is very little hormones involved with using it. However, it is not always a great option for some women whose body may choose to reject it.

The Pill

Birth control pills are also a good option if you are not sure that you want another child right away. The downside is that you must take them every day and if you happen to miss a pill, you will often have to use condoms for a little while. Otherwise, you are taking a chance on becoming pregnant sooner than you may truly want to. A lot of pills will not work well for some women because of the hormones in them. You should think about other options if you are a smoker because you have an increased chance of a stroke. The good side is that there are a lot of pills available and if you find that one does not make you feel “right” you can often ask your doctor to try another kind. If you are interested in this form of birth control, but worry about your ability to remember to take it weekly, there are patches available that work the same way, but you only have to put a new one on every week or even every month.


Implants are placed just beneath the skin of the arm. They will give you progesterone, which is ideal for people who are unable to use estrogen pills. They do have the potential to cause irregular bleeding, headaches, and other issues. This is the same thing as the depo shot, but with the shot it will have to be repeated every three months.

Other Options

There are condoms and cups and other types of birth control available for you as well. If you would like to consider these options, you should talk to your doctor about them. They are the least popular option among most women and men. Some people feel they are messy and some feel that they are not comfortable. They are, however, effective if used properly. Many people like them because there are no hormones involved in using them.