How to Tell People You Are Expecting

61D+0h13nCL._SX522_Finding out that you are pregnant is a very special part of any relationship. For some people, this excitement flows over and they want to find fun ways to tell their family and friends that they are expecting a little one in a very creative way. If you are looking for a great way to make the people closest to you feel as much joy as you did when you found out, perhaps you should consider some of these ideas. It may be the best way ever for you to figure out how to tell people you are expecting. Even if you do not use one of these ideas, it may point you in the right direction.

Let an Older Child Spill the Beans

This is a great way for kids to take part in the fun, regardless of their age, and especially if they are going to become a big brother or sister. Perhaps you could take a photo of them holding a picture or wearing a shirt that says, “Big Brother in the Making” or “I’ll be a big sister in June”. You can email the picture, share it on Facebook, or send it via your cell phone. If a picture seems to boring and you have an older child who can remember to say certain things, have them make a video for you to share.


Show the Sonogram Picture

Some parents choose to take their little one’s first photo and take pictures of themselves holding it over the mommy’s belly. This could also work with the older child telling others. You could have the older child holding the picture while mommy and daddy look amazed. If you do not have a sonogram photo, showing a positive pregnancy test in a photo will also work well.

Host a Party

Whether it is to tell your partner or to tell your immediate family, you could have everyone over and have a cake or cookie that says you are pregnant as part of the desert. It is a guaranteed way to make everyone’s eyes get as big as the cookie you decorated.

Give Them a Gift

Offer the people you want to surprise a gift. It could be any occasion, but the easiest is often a holiday where gifts are exchanged. Instead of giving them something for them, give them a gift such a baby booties or a baby bottle. They will be able to figure out your hint from there, after a moment of confusion of course.


You could design tee-shirts that show you are pregnant. The mommy to be could have a bun on her belly and the daddy shirt could have a cheesy grin with an arrow pointing toward the bun. They could say, “Mommy/Daddy to BE”, or any number of creative ideas. You could even ask the question “Boy or Girl” and it is guaranteed that everyone will get the hint. Even having your other child wearing a shirt with a date and funny saying will be a fun way to break the news.

Regardless of how you choose to tell those that you love that you are pregnant, it will be a memorable event for everyone. If you can get a little creative with it, the memory will be that much more fun to look back onto. With a few ideas and a little of your own creativity, you should be able to figure out how to tell everyone that you are expecting in your own magical way.