Preparing to Welcome Your Baby

Congratulations, you are getting ready to welcome your bundle to the world. You have already survived the hard stuff. Being pregnant is a constantly changing, hormonal, moody, beautiful thing and you are nearing the end of it. Preparing to welcome your baby will be a walk in the park after all of the other things you have done. Enjoy this time with your partner.

Setting Everything Up

81O46uzxyLL._SX522_As you prepare for your little one, you will need the baby basics. This will include a few bags of diapers, a safe place for him to sleep, sleepers or onesies for him to wear, wipes, and other things. After going through childbirth, you will not want to have to stop by a store on your baby’s first car ride. You will still want to rest and most likely, you will just want to get home. Having all of this stuff well in advance will give you peace of mind that you are ready.

You will also need an infant carseat. Your hospital will not allow you to leave if you are not prepared in this aspect. You can take it into the room with you and make sure all of the straps are going to fit him before you take him home.

Pack up for you and the baby as well. Take your favorite night gown, a change of clothes to ride home in, and all of your toiletry items to the hospital when you go into labor. This will ensure that when you are feeling up to it, you can be comfortable in your own clothes, clean, and ready to get to know your little one. You should also pack something for your baby to wear home. Most hospitals will give you diapers and other necessities for your baby to help you out while you are there, but most parents like for the bundle to wear a cute outfit home.

Enjoy Your Partner

In the time before you reach the delivery room, take time to spend time with your partner, because after you have your little wonder, time for the two of you will become less important. A baby is very demanding. It can cause stress between the two of you, even though you both will fall in love with her immediately. It is hard on a lot of couples to go from just the two of them to, “baby makes three” and no one really wants to be romantic when they are worn out after sleeping randomly along with a baby.

Planning a night out for just the two of you or a weekend in a hotel where no one knows you are located may go a long way in keeping the two of you close right before you have your world turned upside down with a new baby. From there, leave your phones turned off and the internet behind. It will give you two the time necessary to reconnect.

Take Time for You

It will be a while before you get to go have your hair and nails done. You most likely will not feel up to it for a while. If you do it before your baby is born, it will give you a little time for you before your world must revolve around diaper duty, feeding, and random naps throughout the day and night.

Having a baby is a beautiful experience, but there are a few things you should do to help you prepare for their arrival, both physically and mentally. Otherwise, you may find that the first few months of your bundles life will be more stressful than you at first bargained for.