Relaxing While Pregnant

pumpkinsmugglerDuring pregnancy, there is a lot of “dos” and “don’ts” for you to deal with. You should eat the right foods, but avoid too much sugar. You should exercise, but avoid doing too much of it. You should stay active, but make sure you have your doctor’s permission before you do certain things. The list goes on indefinitely. With all the rules for how to have a healthy pregnancy, it may seem like you forget to simply enjoy the fact that you are pregnant. Instead of letting it get to you, you should keep in mind that one of the biggest things you should do when pregnant is take the time to relax and the best part is; there is no “don’ts” with relaxing while pregnant.

Why Relaxing Matters

Every woman who has been through pregnancy knows that a body goes through a lot of things when it is pregnant. These changes go beyond the mental and physical aspects that you can see as your belly grows. From the moment of conception, your body is working to provide that tiny being inside of you with everything they need in order to develop into a healthy newborn baby. This means that your body is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for nearly the entire 40 weeks that you are pregnant. After all that effort, who wouldn’t need a little relaxing? Taking time for yourself to read a book, watch TV, cuddle with older children, and enjoying a nice warm shower standing under a dual shower head, are all great ways to encourage your body to keep up the good work.

Positive Relaxation Techniques

bathtubpillowOne of the best ways to relax when you are pregnant is to lie back and watch television or read with your feet propped up, especially during the last trimester when your back and legs have to carry around a lot of extra weight. This may also be the time when your ankles are swelling the most. Many pregnant women also lay on the left side, as encouraged by doctors, because it encourages better circulation.

Cuddling with other children, if you have them, is also very positive while you are pregnant because other kids may feel neglected by you after your new little one is born. Take time to cuddle, talk about your growing body, explain how things will be different with the new baby, but that they will not be forgotten, etc. The more you prepare your child now, the happier things will be when you bring your baby home. You can also use this time to prop your swollen ankles and practice breathing slowly or doing other things that make you feel more relaxed.

maternityrobeWhen you are pregnant, most doctors recommend that you don’t take a long, hot bath. However, showers are always encouraged because using the best shower head not only gets you clean, but it promotes relaxation. To get the most out of your shower, you should keep soaps that you enjoy using, warm water with plenty of water pressure, and try to take your time with it. Make shower time, your time. Use it to think about and enjoy the baby growing within your tummy. Sing songs or simply enjoy the water flowing over you.

In short, if it makes you feel good, why not do it? After your little one comes you will miss the days of relaxing while pregnant. Go shopping, enjoy dinner out, and do anything that makes you feel refreshed. In a few months, you may not have the chance for a while.