Pregnancy Hygiene Essentials

When pregnant, your world revolves around taking care of your body to ensure that your little bundle is taken care of. This often means limiting a lot of medications and watching what types of things you come into contact with, but it also means maintaining healthy eating habits and keeping good hygiene. For that reason, we feel that there are several pregnancy hygiene essentials that you should be aware of.

Foods You Eat

Eat This Not ThatEating a lot of vegetables is always good when you are with child. Your body needs the extra vitamins that you get from them. Fruits are also important for their vitamin content and dairy can build your baby’s bones to be stronger. However, if you have issues with sugar, you may need to eat less of these items to keep your sugar in check. This may mean that you eat more often throughout the day or take multi-vitamins to ensure you are getting all that you and your baby needs.

Hygiene Woes

Most mom’s-to-be put very little thought into their personal hygiene before they get pregnant, but then you pull a positive test and doctors start telling you about all the things you should do. For instance, they may tell you to avoid hair dye or stop taking long soaks in a hot bathtub. They may tell you to wash your hands more often or avoid using certain products that you use on a daily basis because it can seep into your body through your skin and cause issues for your unborn child. It causes a lot of stress for most women, which is why many pregnant women have turned to alternative methods of getting clean. For mom’s who truly want a healthy bundle of joy, they may even consider using the no poo without baking soda method of washing their hair to eliminate the excess oil that may form during pregnancy. It not only eliminates the oil, but can make your “pregnancy hair” healthier than ever without you having to worry about the chemicals you may be putting in your body. This is a legitimate concern, especially when considering the water problems in the likes of Flint, Michigan.  Additionally, many opt to use a no heat curling iron, which is commonly used when not washing hair as frequently.

Do Your Best

Maternity SupportThere are a lot of rules to pregnancy. There are a lot of things you should do, shouldn’t do, and might do. We say that you should do what you think is best and keep your doctor’s warnings in mind. If you are worried about the chemicals, dry shampooing could be a solution for you. If you are worried about the cat’s litterbox, have someone else clean it or wear gloves and a face mask to take care of the dirty chores. Be mindful of the things that you use to clean your home and eat the right foods when you are hungry. As a pregnant woman, you will most likely taste, smell, and feel a lot of things that you have never before experienced. This means it is a great time to try out a new way of doing things, perhaps even healthier things for your body and not just the developing baby inside your womb.