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Abdominal cerclage for cervical weakness

Abdominal cerclage is another corrective method. Here, the stitch is placed in the neck of the womb via an abdominal incision. There is evidence that this method is more effective. The stitch will normally be left in place until the mother has completed her family. Deliveries are, therefore, by caserean section only.

Success of cervical cerclage

The success rate of vaginal route cervical cerclage is modest but actual figures are not clearly known. It is now increasingly accepted that the more difficult procedure of abdominal stitch insertion rather than vaginal may be superior, with a better success rate.


With the abdominal method, the suture is applied to the cervix through the abdomen; hence it is a bigger and technically more difficult operation. It, therefore, may not be available in all hospital units.






























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